Love in Lingerie

by Alessandra Torre
Published January 16th 2017 by Select Publishing
4 Stars

I have been on a romance high this past week. I needed a break from all the horrible things in life and Romance has a way of taking it all away. I have loved Alessandra Torre’s work since the day I read Black Lies almost three years ago. Because of that, everything new she has had since then I have picked up. I go through phases when reading and my recent one was mystery/thriller books which had me having weird dreams so I needed to take a break. I’m kidding, I’m jumping back in once The Girl Before by JP Delaney hits my kindle.


Trey’s business is having some trouble. He is not making as much as he used to and he has debts he needs to pay. Kate needs to advance in her career and her current job has proven useless when it comes to that so when the opportunity comes up in Trey’s company, she grabs it. Trey Marks and Kate Martin make a great team over the years. They become good friends because of the amount of time they spend together and a sense of mutual respect grows even though the start of their working relationship was not so flowery.

Within that time, an attraction grows between them. The attraction is there when Kate is engaged, when Trey is in a committed relationship but he never acts on it even though Kate was willing to most of the time. His business comes first and that’s the reason he uses throughout. And did I mention the business is a lingerie company? Yeah. Pretty fun place to work when you have a lot of tension between you.

Trey is the kind of guy every girl wants to end up with but he sadly does not exist. He loves so deeply and respects her just as much. Everything he did was for the benefit of Kate including staying away from her when he clearly wanted more from her. He was there for her as a friend and he was very supportive when she had business ideas without feeling threatened. He was so great that the whole time I kept on waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it did.

And when it did, the reaction was as expected. Met with anger and feelings of disgust but I assure you it was expected. It didn’t shock me at all when it all blew up because some tastes are not for everyone. I was cheering him on throughout the book even when he did that thing that pissed off Kate but to each their own. But the beauty was that it was spread out through years. Years of being around a person and seeing them at their best and worst. Years of growing a friendship that allows you to see the other person’s heart. It was a slow burn.

I loved the book because it was light and didn’t try so hard to be unique or different. It was just a love story between friends. I love Alessandra Torre and how she can switch up her stories like crazy. It’s always something different form her while maintaining the complex characters. Describing love using lingerie, pretty cool.

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