Love Me in the Dark

Love Me in the Dark Ebook Cover

by Mia Asher
4 Stars


“My aunt used to tell me that trust was like a plate. Once it was broken, it didn’t matter how much glue you used to put it back together; it would never be the same.”

The queen of love triangles has done it again. When I saw Mia Asher had something new coming soon, I got so excited. Mostly because I absolutely loved Arsen, also because she is an amazing story teller. When an ARC popped up on my kindle, I was beyond excited.

Love Me in the Dark is a story about Valentina and Sébastien. They meet while Valentina is trying to figure out who she really is as a person because she feels like she lost her identity when she got married. The one person she truly loved and trusted, a person she changed for, has hurt her. She meets Sébastien and the chemistry between them is too much for her. He makes it hard for her to keep him at a distance and she can tell that he is going to be a problem in her life.

The growth of their relationship was slow and nice although there was a bit of instalove there. It’s very forbidden but you cannot help but root for them. They have both been through a lot in their lives and are finally happy to find a person who they can totally be happy with. The only problem is, William is in the way and the one thing that Valentina takes seriously is her marriage vows regardless of the idiot she is married to.

“When you meet the one person who gives your life meaning, who makes you a better man so you can be worthy of her love, you don’t wait for the “right time” to come along. You jump. You run. You fly.”

This was such a fast read for me and I started reading it while I was waiting for my boyfriend to get his hair done. By the time he was done, I wanted to keep on turning the pages because it was that easy for Mia Asher to hook me into the story.

I must mention that there was parts that just made me roll my eyes because they were downright cringey but even with them, I could not stop reading the book. I am a sucker for good romance novels sue me.

If you can tolerate stories with love triangles, this one is for you. Mia Asher knows how to do it right.

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