August TBR

I am trying something new to help me get through the purchased books lying around in my room and my Kindle app. I’ll have a monthly TBR list to help me get through them and to help stop myself from buying more books. I am a shameless impulse shopper when it comes to books, which means I have so many unread books, especially in my Kindle. This list will be made of books from different genres and if it works out this month, I will stick with it.  Continue reading

What’s Rotting on my TBR List?

Weird choice of words but it’s the only it can make sense. Do you ever purchase a book and you are over the moon about it but then it ends up unread for years? This is something that tends to happen to almost every reader and this list will explore books that have been on that’s list for more than a year. TBR – To Be Read. These are books I purchased at some point because the blurb sounded good or the cover was great but I never got to reading it. Continue reading