The Other Girl


by Erica Spindler
Expected publication: August 22nd 2017 by St. Martin’s Press
4 Stars

Officer Miranda Rader is a well-respected officer in the Hammond, Louisiana police department. No one would have guessed that she had an unruly past and had even spent some time in juvenile detention. Fourteen years ago, a crime was committed against her and she was able to get away but she left behind somebody who needed help. The only problem was that her track record with law enforcement before that date had never been good and so they did not believe her when she reported the crime.

Fast forward to the present day when her captain calls her to a crime scene in the middle of the night. A well-known professor has been brutally murdered in his home and she is assigned the case. As she is looking for evidence, she finds a newspaper clipping about that night from fourteen years ago. A crime no one believed occurred. She assumes it’s a coincidence since she has never met the professor before.

As the investigation carries on, her prints are found at the crime scene even when she is certain she did not touch anything without her gloves on. But then it hits her that the deceased professor is the one who had abducted her. Things get complicated for her when another body turns up and the only connection the dead men have with each other is Miranda. She is dropped from the case and is soon the one under investigation as she tries to prove her innocence as well as trying to find out who is setting her up for the crimes.

I have never read any of Erica Spindler’s work before and I wonder why. There is a certain way she narrated the story that it never felt tired. As much as I could predict the ending, I really enjoyed everything in the book. I just wanted to keep on going. The description I got in the email attached to this ARC was spot on and it did feel like I was watching an episode of Law and Order. The twists and turns were great and she executed it all so well.

As much as the lead character was a strong willed woman, she could get quite annoying. I get that she had a past where she was a liar and what not but as a grown woman who has been a respected cop for years and she starts doubting herself? I found that rather silly.

The ending was also not very strong in my opinion. For something I could see coming, I expected it to be delivered in a way that would make the predictability worth it. I mean, there was only one way it could end that made total sense but I just wanted it to be creative.

But even with the bits that I didn’t like, I still thoroughly enjoyed the book.