Desperately Seeking Epic


by B N Toler
Published March 23rd 2016
4 Stars


“Life’s too short to be subtle”

This story… WOW! I loved it. It’s the kind of story I always run towards, the messed up rawness of real life mixed up with the beauty of it too.

The book was well written exploring the topic that many authors have been gearing towards of late, terminal illness. It’s about a sick kid (NEENA) who is the daughter to the heroine (CLARA) and hero (PAUL). Neena is looking for her father who has no clue about her existence since he left for his adventure never looking back. He has always been a thrill seeker hence his nickname “EPIC”.

“My body shakes as I continue to cry, the images of Paul flickering through my mind like a TV channel with poor reception; quick, and not nearly long enough to really understand. Which is Paul to a T. You only ever get a taste, and it’s never enough.”

The book begins with an ad that Neena put out on craigslist reaching out to her dad because she is running out of time. It slowly goes on to show the love that grew between Clara and Paul over the years with flashbacks from even before they met.

The beauty of it all is how he did not turn into a nutcase when he found out about Neena. I love how the author dealt with that part. He didn’t waste time because he knew he didn’t have any. He wasn’t selfish about it at all when in reality I would have gone ballistic if something like that had been kept from me. He devoted his time to making everything so amazing for his daughter.

But boy did I cry! I read this book in one sitting and I laughed and cried my eyes out. It was such a roller-coaster but I knew it would be when I read the blurb.

‘She looks up at me and gives me a halfhearted smile. “Maybe you can take me there, some day.”
The statement would sound hopeful if it was coming out of a healthy child’s mouth. But hearing her say it, it sounds like she knows it’ll never happen. But that doesn’t stop me from promising anyway.
“I’d like that,” I reply’


Turning her head, she looks at me. “I don’t want to not exist anymore”


Just seeing the two getting along and putting aside their issues at the same time trying to figure out what went wrong. Argh! Humans frustrate me! You don’t want to do something because you’re afraid it will piss of someone but at the same time the other person doesn’t say anything because they think you’re doing what is right for you. I digress, they had some simple miscommunication issue that just pissed me off. Wasted years on stuff that could have been avoided. I rolled my eyes a lot also. It just didn’t add up.

Can I also mention I loved Marcus? Such a great guy… Absolutely loved him!


Pick up this book. READ THIS BOOK. It is an epic story!




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