Stepbrother Dearest


by Penelope Ward
Published September 23rd 2014
Romance/New Adult
4 Stars


“You were the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope someday I can say you were one of the best, but for now, it’s only you.”

This book. I had my apprehension before picking this one up mainly because of the taboo title. I never bothered to get it until recently. I love Penelope Ward’s books but this was the only book I shied away from. I got Neighbor Dearest last week and as I was reading it, I realized there was a connection to this book. Curiosity got the better of me and I went and got it. I don’t like feeling left out when it comes to books. Was my concern still there? Definitely. But I slowly started reading it.

I have to say that I rolled my eyes so many times through almost three quarter of the book. The first part was basically young adult when we get to meet Greta and Elec. Elec has to move in with the father who is remarried with a stepdaughter. Cue the ordinary douchery of the bad boy doing bad boy stuff but the girl is still into him even though he is her stepbrother. There bond grows stronger as time goes by and they part ways. Part one was a section I was happy to be done with to be honest but I appreciated it more once I was done with the book.

“I know that despite my warning, you gave me a piece of your heart anyway last night. And even though I tried to stop it, I gave you a piece of mine. I know you could feel that happening this morning. I want you to keep it with you tucked away. And when you decide to give the rest of yours to another guy someday, please make sure it’s someone who deserves you.”

Part two is all about the reunion after years of not seeing each other and both moving on with their lives.

“I never wanted to see you again, Greta.
It’s so fucking good to see you again, Greta.”

Elec is brought back because of a family tragedy and in tow is his girlfriend who is absolutely lovely. I like that about her character, she was not vilified to make the reader sympathize more with the heroine. I actually felt sorry for her throughout the whole thing.

“He was hers.
I was his.
It. Was. Fucked. Up.”

The last bit had me hooked. I could not put down the book. I love drama and it felt like the right kind of drama. The two of them are trying to hide their feelings for each other but it’s obvious that they are still into each other. This part felt like a love triangle that was really not one. It made me uncomfortable but it didn’t get to the point where I put down the book.

“I know I’m not supposed to care. But when it comes to you, what I’m supposed to be feeling has never seemed to matter.”

Then came the twist and boy did it I not weep with the characters. It made everything fall into place and made the book so much better. When he came back to her in the end, I felt so bad for Chelsea. It made me think what would have happened if he had never gotten to see Greta after all those years. But he loved her first and Chelsea was second. In the end I honestly didn’t feel the forbidden thing that was holding me back in the first place.

It was a different kind of read for me but I have to say I enjoyed it. The whole thing for me was saved by the second part and getting Elec’s point of view over everything in a different way.




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