Roman Crazy


by Alice Clayton & Nina Bocci
Published September 13th 2016
4 Stars


I love a good love story and this was one. It was one of second chances and new beginnings. It was light enough to read in one sitting with a little humor thrown in the mix.

Avery’s life in Boston just came crashing down after she finds out her husband of eight years has been cheating on her. She then decides she needs a change of scenery from the stares and talk while the divorce proceedings went forward. Her best friend convinces her to fly to Rome where she lives and she is happy to do so.

But when she gets there, she comes face to face with a former flame of hers, Marcello the Italian Adonis. They shared an intense summer full of passion and love in Barcelona nine years ago but she left him crashed when she left for America. To say the least, he is furious with her.

“Time apparently doesn’t heal all wounds when it comes to proud Italian men.”

In her journey to rediscover herself after years of sacrifice in a marriage that had fallen apart, she has a second chance with someone she had loved years ago. What they shared was more than a fling and once they are together, the feelings resurface.

“For years I’d kept myself from thinking about him, hating myself for what I did…and now here he was, and the floodgates were open, and I was experiencing everything again like it was the first time. These were dangerous waters.”

The amazing thing about this book is the research that went into it. The authors did not just brush over the fact the book was set in Rome, no. they made all too real with the vivid descriptions. It made me want to book a ticket and get myself there just to experience the awesomeness that was described. It had me on google checking out the places described just to get an actual visual. And the food? Dear Lord! It was all so real and kept me craving for some Italian food. I was blown away.

And the way they wrote the book made it seem that it was just one author. It all flowed so well, I was extremely impressed.

The thing I felt weird about was the whole cheating aspect of the story. I was okay with it and that just made it weird. That’s the kind of thing that makes me so mad when I am reading but the way it was brought out in this book didn’t make me angry. At some point I was thinking ‘Really? You’re going to make a big deal out of that?’ as I was reading a certain part of the book with the whole cheating scandal.

All in all, it was not only a book of a second chance at love but also a journey of self-discovery and friendship. She was way too young when she got married and that contributed immensely to her losing her identity. She was no longer Avery but a Missus whose main focus was her husband. She forgot to focus on herself and now she has the time to do it.

“I thought about second chances. I guess looking in it’d seem that the second chance here was clearly a second chance with Marcello. But maybe it was getting a second chance at life, with myself, for myself, doing something that I loved.”

Grab the book. It’s a free vacation!



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