I know, it has been a while since I put up a post but there was a reason for that. I have been away for a short holiday with my sisters and I just got back home. I can’t believe it’s over! It was such an amazing break even though I was freezing half of the time. I love Amsterdam so much and the weather has never put me off from it. Except when it rains and my hair is not braided, that pisses me off. Or when it rains and my face is made up.

I was mainly in Amsterdam the last few weeks although I took some time off to go meet my boyfriend’s family in Belgium but that will come in a different post. This is all about Amsterdam.

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The thing that absolutely amazes me about the Dutch is the fact they are living on reclaimed land like it’s not a big deal. Like their ancestors were not some of the smartest people who walked on this earth. Like they didn’t do some pretty impressive stuff before the industrial revolution. Most of the country is below sea level, it’s literally a man-made country. They reclaimed land from the sea and lakes but some parts of it came from areas caused by peat extraction.

The conscious amount of planning that followed after the floods centuries ago is very impressive. The country being under sea level means it’s more prone to flooding and that did not stop them or make them think they need to go and reclaim some other land. Nope. They found solutions to the problems, crazy impressive solutions. So many countries could borrow from their genius to solve the flooding issues. From man-made hills, dikes, water boards, high home councils to windmills.


It’s a fact that they risk suffering the most because of climate change but trust the Dutch to come up with something genius to prevent them from losing their land. I could go on and on about this but you have to admit, it is a pretty interesting country.


The first time I went to Amsterdam I was probably twenty and it was during winter. Cold weather and rain. But I fell in love with the place. I don’t know why, but I absolutely loved it and I still love it. The weather is just so perfect for me and my oily face. It doesn’t glow too much, just a little bit.

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The biking lifestyle is another thing I admire from most of the Europeans but mostly the Dutch. Their system is so well designed and developed. Imagine that, not having to drive. Using your bike to get to work. Come on, it’s a free workout every day! But then I have to say, biking during winter or when it’s raining cannot be fun. I did it when it was raining and I was not a very happy person mostly because my makeup was all messed up by the time I got to the club. Biking when it’s cold was not an issue for me because it kept me warm but if I had to do it for months every year, maybe then I would hate it all.

The city has a number of interesting museums including Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum among many others.There are also many beautiful squares around the city with the most famous one being the Dam where the palace is located. Lets not forget the coffee shops and the Red Light District which attract their fair share of tourists. I think the first time I was in awe of the way the country was so forward thinking, make money from things that would happen illegally anyway. They found safe ways of giving people things they would otherwise seek out and get in a way that would threaten their safety.

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It’s such a historical hub and for someone who loves history, it’s like heaven. Europe in general. The city itself is like a work of art with the brick buildings and the canals. I walk around a lot whenever I am there just to take in the beauty. I sound like a pretentious idiot but I honestly mean it. It’s so pretty!





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