I must admit, the only reason I know of the existence of this city is because I am in a relationship with someone from there. And it is because of him I ended up spending a few days there. My trip to Gent had been on the works since early this year. I was initially supposed to head there in June/July but then I didn’t have enough time to get a visa. So it was rescheduled to September and then shit happened with the embassy and so that did not work out.

It still amazes me how easy it is to move about in Europe, it’s a luxury most continents don’t get to enjoy. My train ride was approximately two and a half hours, maybe less, which went by so fast. A two hour drive in Kenya you could still be in Nairobi County. That’s a lie. You’ll probably be in Naivasha.


I spent approximately four days there and I have to say I really wish I got to experience it in the summer.  I love the cold weather and all but the rain doesn’t really make sightseeing interesting. So maybe I should have been there earlier this year rather than going there in November. This does not mean that I did not get to see the city, I did and I still loved it.


The city has that historic look most European cities have and I absolutely adore it.


Seeing how they have extended buildings without tearing down old ones was fascinating. And most of the churches in the city have the same thing going on. They were built through different time periods and it is evident in the architecture.


The churches are mainly for tourists to see as most of the population do not go to church.


I fell in love with the belfries, I don’t know why but they looked pretty cool. They belong to Saint Nicholas’ Church, Belfry of Ghent and Saint Bavo Cathedral.

I will definitely be going back there and it has to happen in the summer next time round. I mostly want better pictures, not to be freezing too much to think of getting my gloves off.



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