Maastricht & Antwerp

My last weekend in Europe, I went down to Maastricht seeing that I had never been there and my friend goes to school there. It was the perfect opportunity to get to explore the Netherlands although i got there too late to actually enjoy the city. I was there for a few hours to be honest and it was a cold day so I did not explore much. But I noticed that they have a lot of stores in Maastricht so it can be heavenly for people who love to shop. The streets also look so lovely during fall/winter period. The lights make you enjoy walking in the dark. It’s absolutely lovely.

What I regret the most is the fact I left my camera back home because it’s cumbersome. What I have been noticing with all the pictures I took is that the quality sucks. I’ll just have to carry it with me next time. I cannot trust the phone camera after this.

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After that, we drove for an hour to Antwerp where we spent the night. I still find it absolutely amazing that you can move about so easily in Europe. We had the option of going to Brussels, Bruges (both in Belgium) or Cologne (Germany) but in the end we settled on Antwerp. We spent the Sunday exploring the city although I’ll say again we did not exhaust it. It was so windy that day, things were falling all over. I need to leave the exploring to Summer days to be honest.

I have to admit that Antwerp is a pretty city.

That’s how windy it was that day. Part of the construction work had been blown away.
Cathedral of our Lady
The belfry of the Cathedral
Guildhalls, Grote Markt
Driving through Antwerp


I’ll have to revisit these two cities at some point in my life because I did not get to really experience them.




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