TV Series – 10 Picks from 2016

I decided to make a list of the TV shows released in 2016 that i have stuck with. I started out with many but they fizzled out as the episodes kept going. These are the ones I am still into even though they are mostly in their first season.

  1. Lucifer

Granted it’s in its second season but it first aired on January 25th 2016. From the day I saw its trailer over a year ago, I knew I would love it and I absolutely love it! None of my sisters even get why I do, but I just do. D. B. Woodside and Tom Ellis might have something to do with it. And maybe my love for taboo topics. It’s a nontraditional way of looking at the devil, how could I say no to that?

  1. Good Behavior

This is a new show, only a month old but it has me hooked. It’s one of those shows I wish was a Netflix show so I could get all the episodes at once. I can’t keep on living like this to be honest. I am suffering waiting for the next episode. Argh! One day, the Netflix way will be the only way. Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto make a great team in this show and I must admit, hearing Juan Diego Botto speak does not hurt.

What I hate is that people are judging the show because they chose ‘Lady Mary’ to play a redneck meth addict. Trust me, I had never watched Downton Abbey before this and I did not even notice she is British. People need to chill and give these shows a shot.

  1. Stranger Things

Netflix made me do it. I watched this show within a week and it left me scared of walking in the dark. Not my proudest moment but it happened. Will I be watching the second season? Probably. Mainly because I will get all episodes at once. If I had to wait around for episodes, I probably would not keep up with it.

  1. American Crime History

The first season, The People v. O. J. Simpson, took a look at the case against O. J. Simpson and it had me hooked. Another show I wished was a Netflix show. The cast was amazing and they made everything seem believable and honestly I believe he did it.

The second season will look at Hurricane Katrina ad the aftermath. It’s a true crime show and adapted from books by different authors.

  1. This Is Us

This has to be my favorite of them all! Such a refreshing TV show that’s different from everything else on air today. And there is also the fact that I absolutely love anything that can make me cry. Another one that would have been perfect if it was on Netflix.

  1. Pitch

Breaking barriers, nothing new here but I find myself loving the show. I guess the cast do a pretty good job because baseball is such an American game but I can still relate. The fact that they don’t make her this perfect player breaking every record but show her as a person with her own difficulties. I think it mostly reminds me of She’s the Man. Also, Mark‑Paul Gosselaar and Mo McRae are lovely to look at.

  1. Speechless

The only reason I tried watching the show was because it comes right before Modern Family and I am obsessed with Modern Family. Once I did, I was hooked. Wednesdays just seem to be an ABC night. Speechless, Modern Family and Blackish. Love them all.

  1. The Night Of

I feel like a cheater with this one seeing that it’s based on a British TV series. But after watching the first episode, I was hooked. The thing is, it’s a miniseries so really, should it be on the list? It should so that you can go watch it!

  1. Queen of the South

I absolutely loved this one. I don’t know why, but I do. Probably the pilot episode and how it wasn’t about a male drug lord but a female one who was successful enough to take over from another female one. I was rooting for them though I probably shouldn’t because they are doing something illegal but hey, woman power! Also, Jon-Michael Ecker.

  1. The Grand Tour

Because Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are still together. I don’t think I have watched any episode from Top Gear since the team left. And I have to say, I have enjoyed the few episodes of this new show and I will definitely keep on watching it.

  1. Atlanta

I know I said ten but I have a feeling this would have been on the list too. This is a cheat. I have been meaning to watch it. I know I will love it just from the trailer and my love for Childish Gambino (Donald Glover).

  1. Insecure

Another cheat. I still haven’t watched it but I will most definitely binge watch it. I was waiting for the episodes to accumulate so that I would not have to suffer through the wait.

The others I tried but I did not feel horrible for missing are Lethal Weapon (I like it enough just not overly into it), Notorious (journalists always solving the crime felt off), Conviction (there’s something missing in this one), No Tomorrow, Queen Sugar, American Housewife, The Good Place, Divorce (didn’t make it past episode 3), Designated Survivor (felt like something I had watched before) and MacGyver. I will probably keep on watching some of them but I don’t crave watching them. They don’t leave me yearning for the next episode if you get what I mean. I am never praying for them to be a Netflix production.

What new shows did you like from 2016?



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