The Butterfly Garden


by Dot Hutchison
Published June 1st 2016
5 Stars


“Some people stay broken. Some pick up the pieces and put them back together with all the sharp edges showing.”

Whoa! Thank God for goodreads! It randomly appeared on my goodreads feed and I decided to give it a try. If it were not for the site, I would never have come across this book. This was such a WTF read for me and most of the time I questioned myself for going through with it. Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic. I dove in and read it within a few hours because it was that much of a page turner.

“Sometimes you can look at a wedding and realize with a certain sense of resignation that any children produced in that marriage will inevitably be fucked up and fucked over. It’s a fact, not a sense of foreboding so much as a grim acceptance that these two people should not—but definitely will—reproduce.”

But this book is not for everyone. It has very many disturbing themes, most of which will leave you questioning humanity. If you are one who cannot tolerate taboo subjects, this is not the book for you. It has triggers all over for some people who have gone through such experiences. So why would I give it 5 Stars you ask? Well, it was just that gripping. The storytelling was fantastic, the approach to it was unique and in all honesty it was just impressive how the author was able to deal with such a sensitive topic.

“Let’s call me a shadow child, overlooked rather than broken. I’m the teddy bear gathering dust bunnies under the bed, not the one-legged soldier.”

It starts off with FBI agents trying to get information from one of the victims (Maya) rescued from The Garden. But getting the information from her is not as easy as they thought it would be. Some of the agents feel frustrated that she is not doing it fast enough. They know she knows a lot more than the other victims rescued and that is why they chose to speak to her first. But Maya unveils the information in her own fashion. She doesn’t give them everything right away but paints a picture for them and how their life was in The Garden.

“At night, the creature that was the Garden peeled back its synthetic skin to show the skeleton beneath.”

I think her narration was perfect, she would only reveal what she felt was necessary and she did it at the time she felt was right. Her story, her own pace. She gives life to the other victims and the captors while being so perceptive. To be honest, some parts felt a bit dragged out. It felt so much like a filler but that was okay. It didn’t make me put down the book. I just wanted to know more as I kept reading. I even forgot to eat lunch because I was so captivated.

“The only thing that made me truly different was that I was the only one who never cried.”

The ending left me feeling off. I don’t know, it just felt like it was too much in a silly way. You know that plot twist that’s supposed to be unseen? I feel like that’s what the author was trying to achieve and it just did not work out. But that won’t make me lower my rating because I loved the whole book. I just wish the ending was different. I hated that the captors targeted children. It was just wrong! But there are ugly things like things that go on in this world. I was about to spoil some parts but let me just leave it at that.

“If you’ve seen enough, you just look older, no matter what the rest of your face looks like.”

If you have the stomach for taboo reads, pick this one up. Very fast paced and a short read that will leave you horrified and a weird taste in your mouth.

“I think a trauma doesn’t stop just because you’ve been rescued.”


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