Good Behavior

by Blake Crouch
Published November 15th 2016
4 Stars

After the Good Behavior season one finale, I needed a fix. I wanted more of Letty and Javier and so I decided to get the book hoping it would let me in on what is to follow in season two. What I did not expect was to finish the book within a few hours. What I also did not expect was that the book would be nothing like the TV series. So I am back to square one, suffering from withdrawals and anxiety since I don’t know whether the show will be picked up for a second season or not.

Letty Dobesh has been released from prison one too many times and has an addiction problem. She also loves to steal things. This book is a combination of three novellas by Blake Crouch and the first was The Pain of Others. Letty is on the job in a hotel when she overhears a husband paying a hitman to kill his wife. She decides to get involved as a savior seeing it as a chance to stop doing bad things. That was part of the first episode of the TV show but there were a lot of differences on of them being Javier was not in the picture.


The second novella Sunset Keys is where we get to meet Javier. This is also where Jacob (her son) is mentioned. Javier and Letty are seen to have a history of working together in the past from their conversation. He needs Letty to help him steal something but the plan does not go the way she thought it would in the end. It looks like Javier was playing her.

In the third novella, Grab, Letty has been sober and is trying to stay clean so that she can get back her son. But then she meets with a guy who was sent to her by Javier and he has a proposal for her. She is hesitant at first but finally gives in. it’s a heist in Vegas but things don’t turn out the way she expected them to.

The collection of the novellas came out just in time for the series but I think that they stand well enough as novellas but as a book there is no flow to the stories. The TV show is also very different from the book and I clearly understand why. In the novellas it’s clear she has some serious issues with her father who was abusive but in the adaptation, the father has not been mentioned but the mother is in the picture.

This is the one time I’ll say this, the show is better but it’s only because the book was not as exhaustive.

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