Comment Sections

Is anyone else as horrified by the comment sections as I am? I mean, it’s great when everyone is being nice and all but I go to some pages and I am frightened for the world. There is just so much hate out there guys and with where the world is at right now, it’s getting worse. The online world has given people some form of confidence when they are actually being cowards hiding behind anonymous accounts. The number of fake pages that are set up to constantly make others feel horrible or the troll accounts that aim to rile people up is disgusting.

There’s this thing people have been hiding behind, saying it as it is. Making snide comments in the name of just being honest is just BS! The internet used to be such a happy place but the way the comment section is set up now… It’s no wonder many news outlets have chosen to disable them because of the hate and obscenities thrown in there. It is breeding a new sort of hate generation, where people feel the need to fight over anything and everything; race, gender and things as miniscule as how a mother dresses her child.


The news websites or social media pages take the crown with the most hateful comment section. And to think moderation is an option, I wonder why many of them have not fixed the issue. But then again, it’s a lot of comments coming in. It cannot be easy to moderate. The specialized blogs, you know the ones that give tech advice or business advice, have the most egotistical commenters. They believe they are smarter than anyone else and end up being hateful towards each other. Then there are the political sites where it’s almost always a mess. Celebrity gossip sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just full of hate. Hate everywhere I tell you. And how could I forget YouTube? Actually YouTube could be the worst of all of them with some pages even choosing to disable comments on some videos.


And the whole 2016 American election just fueled the fire. It’s like Trump gave a voice to all the bigots, racists and sexists in the world. It kills me to see people leaving horrible comments on a mummy blog, like seriously? The tiniest things trigger people to say the most horrible things in the comment section and I just feel scared for the world we live in. These people are around us and might not voice their opinions in your face, it could be a colleague at work for all you know hiding behind some ridiculous handle on the internet.


How many people out there are putting on a mask when they are around you but hold strong opinions about everything that makes you YOU?




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