Bookish Pet Peeves Part I

Every reader has a couple of things they hate when it comes to books. It could be something about the physical nature of the book, something to do with the storyline or what other people do to books that drives you nuts. I this particular post I will be looking at some of my bookish pet peeves since I have many of them. This post will just look at the physical aspect of books and what annoys me about some of them.

  1. People on Covers

I hate it when covers have models on them. And I am not even talking about the cute artsy ones that don’t show the face, these are the ones that give the character away. It’s like the author doesn’t have faith in your imagination and paints the picture for you before you even dive in. I hate it! There are some covers I liked but only because they did not give a lot away when it comes to the characters. The Couple Next Door is one of them, there was a person on it but it was done in an artsy way. The Zahir is another example.

When it comes to romance books, there’s always the shirtless guy on the cover. Like really? REALLY? He has to be there? I mean, Fifty Shades sold with nothing but a tie on the cover, the rest of you can make it work. I’m sure of it.

Generally, I never buy physical books with cover models on them. They just do not appeal to me.

  1. Stickers on Covers

I hate having to remove the stickers and getting rid of that sticky residue they always leave behind. Yuck. It just feels nasty like that feeling you get when someone chews on their sweater.

And now they have that thing where they put a fake sticker on the book that you cannot get rid of. WHY? Why would publishers think anyone wants that on their books? Can it just stop? It ruins the aesthetic of the cover.

  1. Movie Covers

I swore I would not buy the Me Before You copy with the movie cover but I could not find the original cover. I eventually caved and bought it and I cannot stand looking at it. Can the original cover just be the main version sold and make the movie covers a collector’s item for those who are interested in them? I loathe them.

  1. Glossy Covers

There can’t be anyone who finds these covers appealing, right? It’s such a common thing when it comes to Kenyan books. They are the only ones that have glossy covers on my shelf. I’m pretty sure there are many out there but I doubt I would even pick them up in a bookstore.

  1. Ugly Book Covers

This has nothing to do with a model on the cover but everything to do with the general look of the cover. You know that saying, never judge a book by its cover? Well that’s just bullshit. We all judge the cover. A cover can be the one thing that will make a reader walk out of a bookstore with that particular book. A cover is what will make them interested enough to read the blurb. IT MATTERS!

  1. Wrong Font for the Title

There are fonts that just do not go well on the cover of the book. If the font is not legible because of it’s too fancy or too small, it just puts off a reader and that really irritates me. The swirly, hard to read fonts are the ones I am talking about.

  1. Mass Market Paperbacks

I know they are cheaper but they are very irritating. And that’s what we mostly get in Kenyan bookstores. I don’t like that they are too short and too thick. They are difficult to place on a bookshelf too.

  1. Books Without a Summary

If there is not blurb on the back cover and I have to go on Goodreads to find it, I get mad. I know I read a lot of books blindly but sometimes you don’t want to waste money on a book that you’ll end up hating especially when it’s a physical copy so you have to read that synopsis. Turn it around and there’s just one line that explains nothing. Can we not.

That’s it for today. I’ll have another post up with the other pet peeves once I figure out how to group them. What are some of your book cover pet peeves?



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