Never Let You Go


by Chevy Stevens
Published March 14th 2017 by St. Martin’s Press
4 Stars


This book was so hard to put down! I was drawn in by the title and the cover and boy am I glad I read it. I’m almost mad at myself because I didn’t know about Chevy Stevens before this book and she gave a good story. At first I thought I knew where it was going but then it got to appoint I thought it would go some other way but in the end I had it all wrong and that kind of pissed me off. I always want to be right, who doesn’t? Let me just say that this was a perfect book to pique my interest in Chevy Stevens’ work because I will definitely be picking up something else from her previous work just to see if she holds up.

Never Let You Go is a fast paced psychological thriller about so many things. It’s about love, obsession, alcoholism, domestic abuse, forgiveness, change, revenge and so much more. It has alternating POVs and goes back and forth between the past and present time. The focus is on Lindsey, a woman who was able to get away from her abusive husband after giving him too many chances. Andrew was an often jealous husband who loved to control everything Lindsey did but once she had her daughter, Sophie, she knew she had to find a way to protect her.

Her husband gets arrested one night and this gives Lindsey a break from looking over her shoulder but then he gets released and she fears for her life. She knows Andrew is out for revenge and will do anything to make her suffer for ever leaving him. She tries to involve the police when strange things start happening to her but they don’t have enough evidence to hold him off or keep him away from her. Sophie struggles with the situation because on one hand she wants her father back but on the other she fears for her mother’s sanity and life. At some point she starts doubting Lindsey’s accusations but things start to get worse and she starts to fear for her own safety too.

But why is he playing mind games with her? Is he slowly driving her crazy before he ends her life?

Domestic abuse is nothing new but the way Chevy Stevens gave this story, it made something I have read about so many times feel brand new. I was trying to think of how I would have handled some of the situations had it been me, would I have been as slow o quick to act? That thin line between healthy and unhealthy love, how do you deal with it when it gets to that point? So many people find themselves in such situations, an obsession so crazy that could be easily mistaken for love. But isn’t it just the way that person expresses their love? Crazy stuff. I love books that take me to that mind set where I try to walk in the character’s shoes for a while.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loved Behind Closed Doors and the likes. This was a real page turner. An ARC was kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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