My Husband’s Wife


by Jane Corry
Published January 31st 2017 by Pamela Dorman Books
4 Stars


“The fact that you no longer have a right to grieve for someone you once shared your life with makes the pain even worse.”

I picked this one up on a whim, it was not even on my TBR list even though I had seen it around on bookstagram. When I found it at Nakumatt when I was walking by the Books First section (seriously, I was just walking by) I just grabbed it. Books First is the reason I have so many books in my shelf that I have not gotten around to reading. They can have books at really good prices to be honest I just wish they had a wide variety because their collection often feels limited. After picking this one up, I started reading it in the car on my way home and I was done with almost a hundred pages by the time I got there.

Here’s the blurb:
31227076It won’t be so bad when you’re there, says my new husband before kissing me on the mouth. He tastes of Rice Krispies and that strong toothpaste of his which I still haven’t gotten used to. I know, I say before he peels off to the bus stop on the other side of the road. Two lies. Small white ones. Designed to make the other feel better. But that’s how some lies start. Small. Well meaning. Until they get too big to handle.
When young lawyer Lily marries Ed, she’s determined to make a fresh start. To leave the secrets of the past behind. But then she takes on her first murder case and meets Joe. A convicted murderer whom Lily is strangely drawn to. For whom she will soon be willing to risk almost anything.
But Lily is not the only one with secrets. Her next-door neighbor Carla may be only nine, but she has already learned that secrets are powerful things. That they can get her whatever she wants. When Lily finds Carla on her doorstep sixteen years later, a chain of events is set in motion that can end only one way.

Let me just say, the title got my attention. You know when you read a title and try to build the story just from that and the cover? That’s what I was doing before I even read the blurb. The cover I have is different from the one above. It has three rings on it and so I went in thinking she must have been the second wife and the first wife is a problem or he is the problem and she finds out from the first wife. All simplistic stuff. Then I read the blurb and I have to say whatever I came up with next is what it turned out to be.

Lily and Ed get married after a short time being together. She always questions their marriage seeing as she is just a basic girl with nothing spectacular that could draw in a guy like Ed. Their relationship seems meh, nothing nice and cushiony about it and her neighbors take notice of the odd pair. Carla’s mum keeps on telling her daughter how she perceives Lily but Lily is too young to fully grasp what she says.

I found that a bit annoying but it’s a modern day reality. Women look down on each other over the most ridiculous things ever but judging each other based on appearances is one of the oldest judgey points.

Lily is working a case (she is a lawyer) that has her nervous because it’s a big deal and she is fairly new to the game. The whole case is something she cares about because the guy she defends reminds her of someone she used to know. This drives her to do things she is not supposed to and they all end up biting her in the behind.

For a debut psychological thriller, Jane Corry did a good job. I mean, the story was interesting enough to grip me the moment I read the first few pages. That does not always happen. However, it felt like there was too much going on. I don’t know how to explain it but there was just a lot of moments that were meant to be shocking but after a while it was just like ‘hmmm okay’ or me shouting ‘I knew it’. Get me? And there was not a single character that was likable throughout the book. NONE! There’s always a character I’m rooting for in a book but this book just proved that it’s possible to just hate everyone in a book and still get to the end. I didn’t even feel bad when I kept saying ‘serves you right’ when everything was going up in flames.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the crazy hallmark thrillers. You know me and Hallmark movies, I love the corniness of it all.

Get it here:
Barnes & Noble
Book Depository



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