Interracial Anything

With the kind of inhumanity we experience in the world, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time it was worse than anything happening today. The senseless wars, terrorist attacks and condemning people for their personal choices. I have discussed feminism and the fact that women still have some ways to go. I have taken a look at homosexuality in the African context. Everything I discuss here is triggered by something I see that riles me up. With the feminism post, it was all about the Women’s March on Washington and homosexuality came by because of everything happening in the US right now.

30333188I was watching Loving the other day and it’s crazy to think that interracial marriages were an issue at some point in the past. Not even a long time ago for South Africa. Have you read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah? I haven’t yet but from the title you can sum up what he has been talking about his life in South Africa. The year he was born, his parent’s relationship was illegal and his mother was jailed and fined for it. What? Crazy stuff. As much as it’s legal now, people still frown upon such couples.

When interracial marriages are also intercultural, they often tend to face more problems. Add interfaith to it and it gets crazier. The influences mostly come from the immediate family where you’ll find one family looking down on the other because they feel superior. Others feel like their tradition should be upheld when it comes to the wedding and what not. I mean, if inter-ethnic marriages are still a huge problem for many African societies, imagine bringing a whole new race. In places like Hawaii where there were a lot of Chinese migrants, it was not turned into a big issue when they intermarried with the Hawaiian women there.

I mean even having interracial friends can be an issue in some societies. Why are you hanging out with them when you could stick with your own? I have to say Western countries have the interracial hate ingrained so deep within them it hurts to watch. Granted you can understand why they have their issues but I find it quite extreme sometimes. I should add that after reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie my perspective changed. The hate is not as strong in Africa because the color of my skin is not brought up as an issue day in day out.

But why is interracial anything still considered a problem? What is so wrong in loving who you love or hanging out with who you want?


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