by Ginny L. Yttrup
Expected Publication April 1st 2017 by Shiloh Run Press
4 Stars


Let me start by saying, never in my life have I read any Christian fiction but I am glad I picked this one as my first. It’s about the struggles people go through in marriage however different they may be. Did I know going in what it was all about before I got into it? Not really. The only thing that I can say called to me was the first line in the Goodreads description.

Melanie runs away. From conflict. From pain. From reality.

Melanie and Craig are the main characters in the book. They have been married for over twenty years but this particular year has been hard on them. Melanie is an author struggling with her new book and is afraid she won’t be able to beat her deadline. Craig works in construction and has been struggling through the recession to make ends meet. He feels trapped because he cannot discuss the issue with his wife since he believes she is always stuck in an alternative reality. He cannot be truly honest with her because she never wants to delve deep when it comes to problematic subjects.

Jill and Marco are neighbors to Melanie. The author gives us their story mostly through Jill’s POV. Their struggles are different from the first couple as Jill is struggling with obsession and has nightmares that feel very real. This takes a toll on her family life since she refuses to seek help because she is afraid she will lose her children and husband. Marco stands by her through it all and encourages her to see someone for the benefit of them all. She finally agrees to talk to a friend of hers who is a psychologist and this starts her journey to discovering her past.

This book was a bit too close to home. That was unintentional, FYI. Anyway, I found myself relating to Melanie a little bit too much and it was a little bit scary. The need to get away from home so that you can find your way home again is something I have experienced. Is it running or is it necessary sometimes? I think it’s necessary but it can become running when it’s done every time a problem comes up and no effort goes into resolving it. But I digress, I just felt like a lot of what Melanie was experiencing related to a part of my life which is hilarious given that she is almost fifty and I’m in my twenties. But what can I say, I’m an old soul.

Coming from a very religious society, it was interesting reading a story with religious characters and with their thoughts and words to God brought out. It felt almost all too real because that’s how a lot of people around me talk. I don’t consider myself very religious but I grew up as a Christian, a Catholic and everything Craig was experiencing with his faith made sense. It was refreshing reading about it all to be honest and I might start getting into Christian fiction now.

I recommend this book to anyone willing to venture into this territory. Honestly anyone can read it because the focal point was not that but so much more. An ARC was kindly provided in exchange of an honest review.



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