Best Intentions


by Erika Raskin
Expected publication: August 15th 2017 by St. Martin’s Press
Women’s Fiction/Suspense
4 Stars


This book was something else. I can honestly say that it was not what I expected it to be. Here is the synopsis given on Goodreads:

Marti Trailor is a mother of three, a New York congressman s daughter, and wife to a successful obstetrician. Tired of playing the dutiful stay-at-home mom, she jumps at the opportunity to return to her stalled career as a hospital social worker. The catch? The job is at the same hospital where her husband works, and the doctor is not so keen.
As Marti gets enmeshed in the world of the hospital long hours, overworked doctors, entrenched and dangerous politics she witnesses something that she cannot unsee. Marti takes it upon herself to do the right thing. But the right thing comes with unintended consequences, and before she even has time to plead innocence, Marti finds herself thrust under a dangerous spotlight.
Peeling back the layers of one woman s precipitous journey from stay-at-home mom to murder trial defendant, Best Intentions is Erika Raskin’s sophomore gem, a domestic mystery set against a captivating emotional backdrop.

This was such a captivating story that I could have easily read in one sitting and I wish I did. I kept on trying to steal some time during my busy days and nights just to read a bit of it, seriously, it’s that good and I cannot wait for the release date so that everyone can dive into this amazing story.

The story follows Marti Trailor’s life after she decided to go back to work as a social worker in the same hospital as her husband who is an OBGYN. He is not happy about it but lets it happen anyway. The story explores her marital issues all the while looking at her case where she is accused of murder. Also the issues surrounding hospitals with the staff working a lot more hours than they should.

A full review will come soon but be sure to check this out when it’s released. It was a quick exciting read with an amazing plot.


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