Marvel’s Iron Fist: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

When I saw how badly the show was doing according to the ratings, I just had to find out what was happening. I mean, it’s Marvel! How could they mess up a show? I get it, the plot line is nothing new but Marvel always delivers. I decided to watch it before reading any of the reviews just so that I could form my own opinion instead of watching it while picking out everything I have read that is wrong with it.

From the first episode, it felt like I was re-watching Arrow with the whole riches to rugs to riches story. I didn’t mind that at all because it’s not the uniqueness of the plot that sells nowadays but the delivery accounts a lot on how well the show will do.

But when the fight scenes came around, I kept cringing. There was no flow of the movements and the moves all felt very basic. It’s the Marvel Universe, are they not supposed to have a high budget to make these things flawless?

There is a reason for it all though. According to Finn Jones, he only had three weeks of intense martial arts training and thereafter there was just no time in his schedule between filming to train some more. He also claims that most of the fight scenes were choreographed fifteen minutes before shooting which explains why they all look so bleh.

I just finished seven episodes over the weekend and I don’t know when I’ll watch the rest of them but do I think it deserved the extremely low rating it got? Not at all. People have been complaining about the whitewashing element in the cast but I don’t understand how they were okay with Arrow but this is extremely wrong. But I shouldn’t compare the two because that could lead to the argument that the first time I watched Arrow, I got some Batman vibes from it.

I just think the show was not given a fair shot. Could they improve o the martial arts, definitely but it surely is not as bad as the reviews made it sound.

Have you watched the show? Do you like it?


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