Rambling Instagram post on African Literature 

What are your thoughts on African literature? I found this post quite intriguing.

Kenyan Bibliophile

Here’s an unread pile of African literature that I hope to cover this year.


  • The Fishermen – Nigeria ‏
  • Diaries of a Dead African – Nigeria ‏
  • Tram 83 – Congo
  • ‎‏The girl who was raped – South Africa
  • ‎‏Of Goats and Poisoned Oranges – Kenya
  • ‎‏Tracking the Scent of my Mother – Kenya ‏
  • How to Write About Africa – Kenya
  • ‎‏Teaching my Mother How To Give Birth – British nationality but Kenyan born. So, Kenya 😂

‎‏I must confess, I don’t like African lit much. Man, doesn’t that feel nice to get off my chest! Thing is, I find a lot of African novels are biased towards colonialism, how the west sucked us dry, poverty, AIDS, bla bla.. lots of underdeveloped political undertones. And yes, these are events that happened and continue to occur. They are a part of our identity and we should discuss them. Write…

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