Miniseries Review: Big Little Lies

This has been one of the greatest star-power-stuffed show on TV. The dynamics of friendships, frenemies and a lot of craziness was portrayed by some of the biggest Hollywood stars today. They brought to life some of the mos infuriating, complicated women who felt all too real sometimes. I have to give it up to HBO for bringing this female driven show to the screen.

There’s no denying that I was absolutely excited for this show to come out and I was on it when the first episode aired. The book was one of my favorites from 2016 and one of my top recommendations. I expected I would watch just as fast as I read the book but after the first episode, it took me a while to watch the rest. I blame Netflix for this. I have an urge to watch episodes continuously nowadays and waiting for a week feels like torture. I decided to wait it out and finally watched the 6 this past weekend. I am so happy I did that! Because some episodes just weren’t working for me but the whole thing together worked out great.


The cast was fantastic. Even though I didn’t like Nicole Kidman as Celeste when I watched the first episode, she grew on me eventually. She did a great job although her visits to the counselor pissed me off. I absolutely loved Reese Witherspoon as Madeline! I couldn’t think of a better fit than her. I never really thought much of her as an actress but this character made me love her. Alexander Skaasgard fit the profile of a crazy guy perfectly. The all-star cast proved to be worth it by the end of it all.

From everything that was revealed throughout the book and the series, it’s that children learn their behaviors. They do what they see being done even when the grownups think nothing of what they expose them to.


The changes from the book were many but as I’ve said before, changes rarely annoy me. They always end up being necessary because something in the book could be dated or whatever change they make would make more sense than what was in the book. But there was one change that irked me a bit. Madeline and Joseph. WTF was that? And was it even resolved? Seriously though, are they trying to hint that there will be another season? Even from the last episode, it was clear someone was watching them from a distance. They are definitely thinking of a second season.

Why did Bonnie do what she did? It was tackled in the book but not the series. What’s next for Celeste and her boys? What happens to Ed and Madeline? And the detective who just won’t leave it all alone?

Season 2, is that you?


I honestly think they should leave it as is. It was a huge success, yes, but it was just enough the way it was.

Spoilers ahead!

Now let’s talk about the finer details. Bonnie’s reaction would seem off for the people who have not read the book. There is no backstory and I guess the element of surprise worked out great for the finale. Who would have thought, right?

The fact that Ziggy was not the school bully but one of Celeste’s boys ties the whole thing together. Children observe what is happening around them whether you think they are watching or not. He learned the behavior somehow which brings to question, what influenced Perry to turn out that way? Or was he just as asshole out of being an asshole?


Madeline and Joseph’s affair. WTF?!? I know they had to show the imperfection of the perfect one but why? She had flaws already but they just had to add the really dramatic one. I hated it so much because Ed was such a nice guy and Chloe was great too. I don’t see why they had to shake the family.


That final episode was so much better than what I was picturing in my head when reading the book. Talk of being extra. Those costumes were so over the top, I loved it! They went all out and I just want to know what store sells such great ones. But they have the money.


The murder scene was also done well. The production value was so great. I could not stop talking about it.

Please let it end there. I think it will be the end of it. How can they get those A-List stars together again for another series?



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