Here and Gone


by Haylen Beck
Expected publication: June 20th 2017 by Crown Publishing Group
Mystery Thriller
4.5 Stars

Audra Kinney is on the run. She has her two kids in the backseat and a trunk full of everything she dimmed essential to haul across the country. They are on their way to California from New York to start a new life. Audra’s husband was abusive and child services are after her, which means she has to be on the lookout for any police cars around her. But everything goes wrong when they are driving through Arizona.

Sheriff Robert Whiteside pulls them over claiming that their car is overloaded and offers to carry some of their possessions in his car. But what he finds while transferring the boxes puts a hold on their trip to California. She is arrested for possession and her kids, Sean and Louise, have to be taken away by another detective since she has no friends or family close by to take care of them. What follows is a roller coaster of a mess.

When she is in her cell, she asks the Sheriff for her kids’ whereabouts but the answer she gets leaves her disturbed.

“What children?”

The Sheriff’s department goes out of its way to convince everyone that there were no kids in the car when she was placed under arrest. But other people saw her with the children, and the booster seat is still in the car. What everyone wants to know is what she did to the children.

The opening of the story grabs your attention, I promise you that. You want to find out what happens next but then by the time I was through a few chapters I could not put it down. Seriously, when I received the ARC I decided to check out the first chapter just to see if I was interested in it. Checking out one chapter ended up in me reading the book in one sitting. It was that good. The blurb does not even do it justice, trust me.

I don’t think a book has had me on the edge of my seat in a while like this one did. I can definitely see this making a great movie/miniseries.

Thanks to the publishers for the ARC.


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