Review Requests

Thank you for checking out my blog! This is to anyone who has a physical book or eBook they would like me to review.

Please send me an email with a description of the book including the genre if you are interested. This does not guarantee that I will review or read the book but if I like the sound of it, be sure I will read it.

As I mentioned earlier, I welcome both eBooks and physical books.

My taste in books is quite eclectic but I have never read any paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi books. I am not opposed to them, I have just never read them but that’s not to say I never will.

My thrills at the moment are Historical Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction, and Mystery/Thrillers. I read a bit of Young Adult when I find one with a description that intrigues me. I also enjoy taboo books, so don’t shy away from pitching those to me.

Please include the synopsis of the book in the email and other links i.e. Goodreads and Amazon. You can also include a short excerpt from the book so that I can have a feel of the writing style. If it is something that I find intriguing, I will go ahead and read it and probably review.

Send me an email at

For physical copies, mail them to:

Waridi Wanjiku
P. O. Box 64919-00620
Nairobi, Kenya