August Wrap Up

I managed to read all of the books on my August TBR list. The month started out slowly to be honest and I only got to read most of them towards the end of it. My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier took the crown. That ending was so crazy in my opinion; I still don’t know what really happened. Continue reading

August TBR

I am trying something new to help me get through the purchased books lying around in my room and my Kindle app. I’ll have a monthly TBR list to help me get through them and to help stop myself from buying more books. I am a shameless impulse shopper when it comes to books, which means I have so many unread books, especially in my Kindle. This list will be made of books from different genres and if it works out this month, I will stick with it.  Continue reading

Books I’ll Probably Never Read

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

I missed the train on this one and I have no apologies for it. I remember it was such a big deal especially when the movies came out and everyone was talking about it. I mean, people are still talking about them decades later. They must have been great but I just feel like it is too late for me to get into them. Continue reading

Track Your Reading: Why and How

Before I started keeping track of what I had read, I would find myself reading books that felt familiar before realizing that I had read them before. Bibliodejavu. I hated it because I always felt like precious reading time had been wasted. Rereading a book can be fun and rewarding when done on purpose, but it can be a waste of time and money if you didn’t actually want to reread the book.  So how do I keep track of the books I’ve read? There are so many ways you can do so yourself.

Continue reading

Pulitzer Fiction Winners on my TBR List

There is a certain pressure that comes with reading a book that has won a Pulitzer and I guess that is why I put off reading many of them. I find myself being too critical while reading such books, trying to find out the ‘WHY’ it won the prize over such and such book. That being said, I have a couple seating on my shelf that I am still yet to read. Some of them have been there for over a year. Its a shame really. Continue reading