Fiction vs Nonfiction

The bridge between truth and imagination has always existed in literature but the distinction between the two does not exist in some languages. Fiction and Nonfiction. Real and unreal. For instance, in Swahili, there is no word set aside to differentiate the two.  They are all summed up as stories “hadithi” and even in my mother tongue Kikuyu where they are all referred to as “rῦgano”. These are the words that come closest to fiction. What distinguishes the real from the made up stories are just the words added to them “rũgano rwa gwĩtungĩra” (made-up story). So why is it that the distinction of the two has become something that’s contested over today? Continue reading

Interracial Anything

With the kind of inhumanity we experience in the world, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time it was worse than anything happening today. The senseless wars, terrorist attacks and condemning people for their personal choices. I have discussed feminism and the fact that women still have some ways to go. I have taken a look at homosexuality in the African context. Everything I discuss here is triggered by something I see that riles me up. With the feminism post, it was all about the Women’s March on Washington and homosexuality came by because of everything happening in the US right now. Continue reading

Comment Sections

Is anyone else as horrified by the comment sections as I am? I mean, it’s great when everyone is being nice and all but I go to some pages and I am frightened for the world. There is just so much hate out there guys and with where the world is at right now, it’s getting worse. The online world has given people some form of confidence when they are actually being cowards hiding behind anonymous accounts. The number of fake pages that are set up to constantly make others feel horrible or the troll accounts that aim to rile people up is disgusting. Continue reading

Lessons Kenyans can Learn from the 2016 US Elections

With the results of the recently concluded US elections, it’s pretty clear that a majority of the world was shocked by the results. The unexpected happened, a reality TV star took position as the leader of the free world. Was I surprised? No. Was I disappointed? Extremely. I had been saying it all year long that he was going to win but I desperately wanted to be wrong this time round. There was no way the conservatives would let a second democratic leader breaking history come into power. The first black president followed by the first female president? That’s too much for them.

With the Kenyan General Elections slowly approaching, I wondered is there anything we could learn from them. Continue reading

Feminism: The Scary ‘F’ Word

One thing that the past year has highlighted is how divided people still are all over the world. It is division across all borders; sexes, races, classes etc. What stood out recently was the division among women after this just concluded American election.  I am well aware of the issues that still face women today and why it is necessary to fight  but I get the feeling that the feminist direction was lost somewhere in between the search for equality. I have never considered myself a feminist but I know many of them and I have been reading some books that have been making me see why feminism is necessary today. Now I am on a path of self-education on the topic. But then again, maybe the word feminism is tainted and the movement should be given a whole new name since they don’t have the same agenda today. One of the agendas has been to get rid of the gender roles that have been constricting men and women to follow a particular path so in a way it’s a fight for both men and women.

Continue reading